illustrations of a cauldron with a pentagram and steam rising from it, a hand plucking a petal from a flower, various symbols in each corner, and a crystal and a moth

The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change Your Life

by Ambrosia Hawthorn Author

With 130 different spells and advice for becoming your most potent magical self, The Spell Book for New Witches is a must-read guide for those hoping to develop their magical skills. Author Ambrosia Hawthorn takes readers through step-by-step instructions for casting spells, whether you're hoping to create a Friendship Repair Knot Spell or a Rose Attraction Potion. Each spell is written like a recipe for ease of use, and Hawthorn includes a wealth of wisdom about the philosophies of witchcraft for witches looking to deepen their understanding of the practice. An excellent book for beginners, and for more experienced witches looking to revisit the basics.