psychedelic mushrooms fly into a saucepan

Cooking with Magic Mushrooms: The Psilocybin Cookbook

by David Connell Author

Turn your trip into a culinary treat

Head to the kitchen to make your next psilocybin experience unforgettable

Magic mushrooms offer so many marvels, from transformative healing to excitement. One thing they are not known for is flavor. David Connell’s quest to make psilocybin palatable led him to develop recipes that integrate small, measured quantities of shrooms into tasty food and drink.

Stop gnawing on bitter, fibrous stalks and begin your journey with a calming, pleasant snack or sip. These healthy, delicious recipes are lactose-free, with gluten-free substitutions throughout, and have no added sugars. Photographs and illustrations will inspire your explorations of food, fungi, and consciousness.