Black cover with pale purple designs in the shape of a tarot card as two hands hold a smoky circle that contains the subtitle.

Tarot By Numbers: Learn the Codes That Unlock the Meaning of the Cards

by Liz Dean Author

If you have ever wanted to learn tarot but have been overwhelmed by the numerous card meanings, symbolisms, and interpretations, then this is the book for you! In a tarot deck, there are 22 major arcana cards numbered 0 to 21, plus four suits of 56 cards, named the minor arcana. Numbers are tarot’s operating system - and can be the clue you need to read a card in an instant. In addition to learning the basics of the numbers, (like how an Ace can reveal beginnings or a Ten can represent the ultimate expression of an idea,) Tarot By Numbers can also teach you some professional number techniques for those looking for more advanced tarot theory. Quick and perfect for anyone who wants to have a different and unique connection to the cards, this book is sure to show you a way to read the cards that you have never seen before!

(This title may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)