a white diamond over gold and turquoise marble pattern with tarot symbols and cards above and below the title

Understanding Tarot: Discover The Tarot and Find Out What Your Cards Really Mean

by Liz Dean Author

A guide to the 78 classic cards expert reader Liz Dean's book can be used with any tarot deck. The front matter includes some cool lore about the tarot's role in various mystic traditions like the kabbalah and astrology, as well as 10 different spreads you can use to find your path through the cards. Each major arcana card gets a spread discussing its history, symbolism, meanings, and complementary cards. The minor arcana is organized by number or role: the Aces are compared and contrasted, as are the 2s, and the Knights, and so on. All told, this is a level-headed introduction to the tarot and a beginner could do far worse than use this book as your guide.