Burgundy, diagonally lined background, with motifs from the companion deck. The left features a woman in a flowered hat, holding pastries, while the right features four cards from the deck, under which are the subtitle, author line, motifs of bones a

Hoodoo Tarot Workbook: Rootwork, Rituals, and Divination

by Tayannah Lee McQuillar Author

Beyond the informational book provided in the deck, this companion to the Hoodoo Tarot's goal is to get the most out of the symbolism and unique imagery the cards provide. Featuring spreads, rituals, and more advanced divination uses for the cards, this workbook aims to expand the use you can get out of the same cards the reader already has. Alongside this, Tayannah Lee McQuillar will share the philosophy, spiritualism of hoodoo, down to the rootwork. She will shed light on the complexity of Hoodoo and its very syncretic nature to give the reader a more nuanced view of what hoodoo and how to expand one's practices.