Book cover featuring an arched form surrounding half the wheel of the zodiac and details of phases of the moon over the title in white text, sitting above a nighttime scene of a lush illustrated garden.

The Celestial Garden: Growing Herbs, Vegetables, and Flowers in Sync with the Moon and Zodiac

by Rosemary Gladstar Author and Jane Hawley Stevens Author

Get inspired and connect with nature through this highly practical guide to successfully growing herbs, flowers, and edible plants in harmony with planetary influences. Maybe you’ve heard of the benefits of planting seeds during a full moon, but this comprehensive guide reveals astrologically attuned practices to improve all areas of your gardening practice. The Celestial Garden also features easy to read calendars, charts, and illustrations, along with photos of the author’s own garden that demonstrate the efficacy of her methods. Learn strategic times to prune, weed, propagate, harvest, transplant, and more, according to the supportive movements of the zodiac—and renew your connection to the Earth in the process.