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The Conceivable Future: Planning Families and Taking Action in the Age of Climate Change

by Meghan Elizabeth Kallman Author and Josephine Ferorelli Author

This book is aimed at people looking to start families in this coming decade, where sustainability and the future of the planet might be at the forefront of current and expecting parents, as well as those that might want to be in the near future. The book starts by outlining this very issue — how global climate crisis is shifting people’s views on parenting, raising families. The book shares a name with the organization the authors have worked for giving them informed perspectives to answer these questions that they themselves have been working on for years. They explore the immediate health risks that are posed from gestational, infant, and childhood stages — namely those caused by inequality, heat, and pollution — while debunking myths of a personal carbon footprints, exploring the legacy of population control efforts. They proceed by looking at the ways people can focus efforts into the the question of the future and sustainability, where family and life is a central focus among it.