How to Make a Journal of Your Life

How to Make a Journal of Your Life

by Dan Price Author

"Be A Quiet Alert Witness"

When nomad artist Dan Price began jotting down and self-publishing his musings in the form of whimsical drawings and inspired prose, he couldn't have imagined that his journal-zine, the MOONLIGHT CHRONICLES, would earn him a cult following. Now in its twentieth edition, the MOONLIGHT CHRONICLES has brought Dan's creed of "truth, beauty, and really big sabbaticals from the convention of life" to thousands.

With such a following, Dan figured it was time to collect his offbeat observations into book form, in the hopes of inspiring other would-be journal writers to take pen, camera, and brush in hand to really look at the world around them and get it down in new ways. As Dan is fond of noting, it "Seems there's tons of empty journal books, but not too many on how to fill 'em up!" In this, Dan answers the call, teaching readers how to tap into those pent-up creative juices and collect their life experiences in fun, creative methods.

"Go Find Your Bliss"