forbidden activities for neglected children by skinner

Forbidden Activities For Neglected Children

by Skinner Author

Skinner is weird and fun and wants you to join his gang of mad laughers. “Forbidden Activities for Neglected Children” is a coloring and activity book full of highly detailed, bizarre illustrations and black humor. It will challenge your notions of the absurd or what could rightly be called an “activity.”

This is a book to collect or share with your friends who love art and humor outside social norms. From non- sequitur activities to extremely detailed proto-metal illustrations, this book is what you wish you had as a small, wild-minded child! All art created by the creative and humorous psychedelic demon king, Skinner.

This is the coloring book for every kid with imagination and excitement for life that involved dying by shark, T-Rex, dragon breath or by kraken. “Forbidden Activities for Neglected Children” is designed to cultivate creative impulses in people who want to draw, or to learn better ways to navigate the mundane prison of normalcy.