That's Not Ok by Breanne Boland

That's Not Ok: Boundaries for the Conflict-Avoidant

by Breanne Boland Author

“What’s a boundary?” you might be wondering. But even if you understand emotional boundaries, reflecting more on them can help you live a less confused and happier life. In short, a boundary is telling someone what you are and are not comfortable with, telling people no and setting safe, comfortable limits in your daily life. As the author puts it, having boundaries is the difference between a restaurant having a menu or not—your friends, family, and lovers know what is on the table or not. The inner back cover contains a little pouch with some bonus "nos," conveniently pocket-sized so that you can keep one handy for when it’s hard to say what you need to. So many zine makers and readers have such a hard time with this subject that it's one of the most appropriate uses of the medium we've ever seen! It gets salty and in your face at times, but that's only because Breanne is worried about you and your friends and this is serious business, folks!