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The Tactical 1911: The Street Cop's and SWAT Operator's Guide to Employment and Maintenance (slightly damaged)

by Dave Lauck Author

In 1911, the United States military adopted Colt's design for a sidearm to be carried by soldiers, sailors and Marines.  It became legendary for its ability to stop nearly any adversary with a single shot.  Of course, as time went on, new, smaller models became available, and eventually the U.S. military switched to a 9mm pistol, and in doing so, inadvertently caused many law enforcement agencies to do the same.  Almost immediately, stories of these smaller guns' failures to stop a drug-addled or especially pain-resistant felon started to circulate, so people tried to up the capacity of guns to deal with the problem.  Eventually, though, more experienced officers started switching back to the more powerful and reliable 1911 Colt, and its use has once more become incredibly widespread in law enforcement and other agencies.

In this book, master gunsmith and veteran cop Dave Lauck argues for the total return of this more reliable gun, strips away the misinformation and bogus claims of 1911 detractors, and details the maintenance, customization, ammo-selection, support equipment, and use of this gun.  He covers best 1911 Colt tactics in various situations, basic and advanced handgun shooting skills, safety considerations and more.  His unique and comprehensive volume is an invaluable for any cop or other professional returning to the use of the trusty 1911 Colt.