an illustration of sandor katz with a mustache and side burns against a green background with veggies all over it

Sandor Katz and the Tiny Wild

by Jacqueline Briggs Martin Author, June Jo Lee Author and Julie Wilson Author

In this illustrated biography of Sandor Katz, master fermenter, kids can learn all about fermentation and the journey that Katz found himself on, from eating his first pickle in Brooklyn as a kid to mixing up all kinds of delicious vinegary snacks today. Katz discovered fermentation as a way to preserve food during his time living on a farm in the mountains of Tennessee. One day, when all the cabbages came in at once, Katz realized the only way to preserve them all was to make sauerkraut. And the rest is history! This cute book is accessible to readers of all ages, and may just inspire your young one to try making their own pickles.