How It All Vegan Book

by Tanya Barnard

Vegan recipes for such delights as bee pollen blue banana muffins, tofu jerky, vegan ice cream, chocolate cheese-free cake, and cosmetics, pet treats, even household cleaners. Pop culture friendly!

"Written with sass, style, and a sense of humor. More than just a cookbook. . . ."—BUST


Goose 2/3/2008

My partner says this is her favorite vegan cookbook. All the recipes are simple easy and most of all delicious!

vegan spambot 7/2/2007

My best introduction to vegan cooking. You know, a girl can get tired of eating spaghetti, rice and beans, and plain potato chips.
Thanks to this excellent book I'm now the best cook on the block!

dharmadog 1/6/2006

These ladies you see here on the cover are my new HEROES. There's this recipe in here for this vegan chocolate pecan pie---took 10 min to make, and I am now sick to my stomach because it was so good I couldn't stop eating it. Every recipe I've made was easy and great tasting, and the book isn't preachy in the slightest, which, as a new vegetarian working up to veganism, was a relief. If you cook, you'll love this thing. No lie.