a desert landscape with a bloody knife sticking out of the ground


by Set Sytes Author

Book One of the Fifth Place

When scientists finally discover the Ultimate Secret of the meaning of life, existence, and everything, it’s time for the universe to do some Reshuffling on Earth. Reshuffling is a fairly standard procedure for momentous times likes this—destroy order by moving some minds to different bodies, hit the reset button, and continue on as if nothing’s changed. But as happens with even the most careful processes, mistakes are made, and one man finds himself on an entirely different planet, old memories largely intact, possibly not human, with a gun pressed against his head. His new name is Jay Wulf, and he’s got a lot more to figure out about his new self—fast. How Not to Kill Yourself author Set Sytes blends and bends the genres of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and western in this first book of a dark new series for adults.


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