a girl in a backpack stands outside her school

Seeds of Spring Subscription

by Christopher Coquard Author and Sacha Ravenda Illustrator

In this innovative serial graphic novel, Naguset, a modern Canadian Mi'kmaq teenager, exchanges books and mix tapes with her pen pal, Chris. Her imagination sparks when he sends her a biography of the 19th century Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin. The story juxtaposes Naguset's personal and political coming-of-age in her loving family home with Kropotkin's rocky upbringing in a princely palace. These two stories of eventful lives and bold hearts are interwoven with Kropotkin's theories of freedom, Mi'kmaq vocabulary and social history, and an uplifting punk soundtrack, creating a unique reading experience bound to inspire readers to think in new ways about the issues of our time.

This subscription is for the next 6 issues of Seeds of Spring. New issues are published every few months. Please let us know in the order notes which issue you would like to begin with (eg, issue 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). If you don't let us know, we'll start with the most recent issue.

It isn't currently feasible for us to offer a subscription for readers outside the US, but you can buy the issues individually.