two teens in a canoe

Seeds of Spring #5: We'll Never Be Alone

by Christopher Coquard Author and Sacha Ravenda Illustrator

A despondent Mandy joins Naguset's family on a fishing trip in Newfoundland; along the way, they visit an aunt who catches them up on the local turmoil around fishing rights. Meanwhile, Peter grows a beard and travels by train to Siberia, witnessing domestic violence and political corruption along the way. His first assignment is to investigate prisons and recommend reforms, but officials—and a shipwreck—stand in his way.  

In this innovative serial graphic novel, Naguset, a modern Canadian Mi'kmaq teenager, exchanges books and mix tapes with her pen pal, Chris. Her imagination sparks when he sends her a biography of the 19th century Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin. The story juxtaposes Naguset's personal and political coming-of-age in her loving family home with Kropotkin's rocky upbringing in a princely palace. These two stories of eventful lives and bold hearts are interwoven with Kropotkin's theories of freedom, Mi'kmaq vocabulary and social history, and an uplifting punk soundtrack, creating a unique reading experience bound to inspire readers to think in new ways about the issues of our time.