an old illustration of the pennyroyal plant

$60 Superpack: Reproductive Rights Now, pass it on

Reproductive rights have always been under attack in the United States. But people have also always created and shared resources to help us access abortion care. This superpack contains five copies each of one book and two zines that provide practical information about herbal reproductive care or, in the case of the Jane zine, a motivating example of how being brave and organized can make all the difference. Grab a handful of these and distribute them to friends, acquaintances, or at community spaces and in free curbside libraries around your town. 

  • 5 copies of the book Hot Pants—full of herbal remedies for reproductive health, including unwanted pregnancies
  • 5 copies of the classic zine Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom—a manual of herbal abortion lore
  • 5 copies of the zine Jane, a series of meditations on the Chicago collective of women who provided free abortions pre-Roe, written by one of them

P.S. Just looking for single copies of these (and other) resources to read and lend? Check out the "Get Your Laws Off My Uterus" superpack.

P.P.S. Unfortunately, sometimes some of this stuff is in high demand and it might take us a few extra days to reprint to get it to you. Let us know if you're working with time restrictions.