a woman wearing a mask and standing in mist balances a large golden planet or orb on one hand while a larger planet or orb hangs behind her head

The Shaman's Dream Oracle: A 64-Card Deck and Guidebook

by Alberto Villoldo Author and Colette Baron-Reid Author

From renowned authority on shamanic healing Alberto Villoldo and oracle expert Colette Baron-Reid comes this latest oracle deck, designed to allow you to tap into the symbolic consciousness and dream world of shamanism. Dreams have long held a place of great importance in human mythology and culture, and thinkers have approached it and tried to understand it in myriads of ways. From mysticism to psychoanalysis, dreams hold untold multitudes of meaning, just waiting for interpretation. With this oracle deck, you will be able to interpret your dreams and your friends' dreams. You will learn how your dreams construct your reality in tandem with your conscious mind, and give you a greater degree of influence over how you view the world in your waking hours. An excellent gift to yourself or to a friend.