a deck box that looks like a large leather bound volume with gold embossed writing

The American Renaissance Tarot

by Thea Wirsching Author and Celeste Pille Illustrator

In this vividly imagined and elegantly achieved tarot deck, take a journey back through time and literary history to the era of the American Renaissance. In place of the traditional Major and Minor Arcana, this deck takes its inspiration from the struggle against slavery as well as the towering literary figures that defined the period, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson (The Magician), Henry David Thoreau (The Hermit), and Walt Whitman (The World). The four suits represented by Frederick Douglass (Coins), Edgar Allan Poe (Swords), Herman Melville (Wands), and Nathaniel Hawthorne (Cups) provide the context for the Minor Arcana, and the deck as a whole works to explore the metaphysical foundations undergirding literature from 1825-75. For fans of early American literature, history, and tarot, this deck will enthrall and enlighten as it deepens your sense of the past and gives you insight into the future. English teachers will get as much use and enjoyment out of this deck as occultists.