four cards and a deck box, all illustrated in watercolors with women in various poses

Seasons of the Witch - Beltane Oracle: 44 Gilded-Edge Cards and 144 Page Book

by Lorriane Anderson Author, Juliet Diaz Author and Giada Rose Illustrator

Beltane, the Gaelic holiday also known as May Day, celebrates the abundance of the earth and the power of its energies in the springtime. Fertility, life, and our potentialities are at their highest, and you can use that power to divine your future and gain answers to your most profound questions. With this oracle deck and the accompanying guidebook, pull cards and read from author Juliet Diaz's original poetry in order to invoke the spiritual energy you will need to summon your answers to you. Set your intentions and reap your rewards this May Day with this magical oracle deck.