a blue deck box with four cards with animals illustrated in a somewhat abstract and playful style, with different verbs underneath each animal indicating a different action to be undertaken.

Prairie Majesty Oracle: A 52-Card Deck and Guidebook

by Kara Simons Author and Amy Putney Koenig Author

Just like the intricate ecology of the prairie, where each animal and plant has its role to play, you too have your role to play in the broader ecology of the universe. By using four of the types of cards in this deck - Do, Know, Feel, Claim - you can explore your inner impulses and intuitions, and using the fifth kind of card - Celestial - you can interpret the energy of your oracle readings. Make use of the guidebook to learn how best to read the Prairie Majesty Oracle, diving into the world of the prairie even as you dive into your own inner world and rediscover your sense of purpose.