an illustration split in half horizontally, with three boys on bikes against a red background on top, and upside down, opposite the boys, three monsters against a blue-green background

Stranger Things Tarot Deck and Guidebook

by Casey Gilly Author and Sándor Szalay Illustrator

For fans of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, this tarot deck and guidebook is for you. Let Eleven, Hopper, Max, the boys, and other Hawkins residents guide your readings as you uncover hidden truths about your past, present, and future. With beautiful illustrations on each card, and new interpretations of all the classic major and minor arcana, this tarot deck makes the perfect gift for the Stranger Things fan in your life. No matter your skill level in tarot readings, you'll be able to divine your future with author Casey Gilly and illustrator Sándor Szalay's tarot deck. 

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