three tarot cards in the original Rider-Waite style and a yellow box with a figure on the front carrying a sack on a stick over his shoulder

Tarot Original 1909 Kit

by Arthur Edward Waite Author and Pamela Colman Smith Author

Whether you've been reading tarot for a while or you're new to tarot, this updated version of this historically important deck is an essential addition to the collection of anyone looking to deepen their connection to and understanding of the cards. Designed by occultist Arthur Edward Waite and with original art from Pamela Colman and an updated guidebook for the 21st century by author Sasha Graham, this deck is sure to become a favorite of yours in no time as you perform readings with the same deck used more than a century ago. Do tarot the old fashioned way with this fresh take on the Rider-Waite deck.

  • Books and decks! In a stack.