an embroidery hoop, needles, gold floss, pattern sheets, and dark blue box for the kit with constellations on it.

Zodiac Embroidery: Stitch Your Sign!

by Anna Fleiss Author

With this adorable little kit, combine your love for stitching and astrology! Use the pattern sheets (one for each star sign), embroidery hoop, needles, and gold embroidery floss to sew your star sign onto one of the pieces of navy blue cloth included in this kit, or if you'd prefer, onto your favorite jacket, backpack, t-shirt, overalls, or wherever else you might want to display your zodiac sign. The tiny booklet included in the kit gives you all the vital information necessary to master the stitches you'll need to finish the job. With everything you need to create a beautiful representation of your astrological destiny included in this tiny box, this kit makes a great gift for your crafty friends, or for yourself!