A photo of Microcosm's editor and publisher showing off the sweet bicycle books they made

Bicycle Revolution Subscription: All the BFF bike books fit to print!

Are you in love with bicycling? And books? 

Want to get every feminist bicycle book we publish, as it comes out?

Want to help us keep publishing rad bike stuff like we do? 

Here's your chance to be our Bicycle Revolution Best Friend Forever! (That's BBFF for you acronym lovers.) This subscription program is curated by our own Elly Blue, and includes books published by her feminist bicycle imprint as well as anything Microcosm puts out that she recommends for the discerning feminist bicycle book lover. 

This six-book subscription is on a sliding scale with postage included.

Unlike our general BFF program, this is a "by book" subscription rather than a "by month" subscription. You'll get every new bicycle-related book we publish in the mail. (Plus some fun stickers and freebies in every package!) 

Include your t-shirt size for a surprise!