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Monthly Super Bundle: Comics for Everyone (ended)

by Lee Baillie Author, Nate Beaty Author, John Isaacson Author, Dan Méndez Moore Author, Tom Neely Author, Nate Powell Author, Andy Singer Author, Ben Snakepit Author, Super Pack! Author, Igloo Tornado Author, Various Author and Robert Wildwood Author

Hello, world, it's Microcosm's monthly bundle! Every month, for one week only, you can get a seriously sweet deal on a themed package of books. Read them, give them away, sell them, spread the love of books! 

Our bundle for September is comix! This fine collection of books shows off the full array of comics that we publish, from comics journalism to memoir to intense fiction to nonfiction to daily comics diaries to one panel gags. This month you get EIGHT books and one zine for only $20! 

Here are the books (and zine!) in your paper bundle this month:

  • Henry & Glenn Forever - This little book began as a series of joke comics by Tom Neely and Igloo Tornado, and became a phenomena
  • Sounds of Your Name - The earliest collective works of Nate Powell, who's since become known for his work as artist of the March graphic novels.
  • Mark Twain was Right by Dan P. Moore follows the 2001 protests that shook Cincinnati after police killed a Black teenager at a traffic stop (we've since produced a new edition retitled Six Days in Cincinnati)
  • Do-It-Yourself Screenprinting - John Isaacson shows you how to run a home screenprinting business -- in comics format.
  • Why We Drive - In text and comics, Andy Singer tells the unbelievable story of how cars and roads replaced trains and streetcars in the US.
  • Brainfag Forever (BFF) - Nate Beaty's memoir short comics stories about life as a struggling creative in Portland of yore 
  • Snake Pit 2008 - A year in the life of Ben Snakepit, told through a 3-panel comic detailing each day. 
  • My Brain Hurts Volume 2 - Liz Baillie's fictional but true-to-life story of queer, punk teens in NYC is gritty and enthralling (we're very low in stock on volume 1, so it isn't in this bundle, but you can still get it here for just $6)
  • Shut Up & Love the Rain - This zine collects comics by Robert Wildwood, aka Robnoxious, about finding yourself as an anarchist queer

Want the ebook bundle? That'll include everything except Sounds of Your Name

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