patch with image of bicycles in traffic with text "take the lane"

Patch #208Take the Lane

by Ian Lynam Author

Contrary to how it may seem, taking the lane is the safest way to ride a bicycle in places that haven't yet caught up to the current bicycling revolution. It's not to "be in the way," it's to "be safe" so everyone knows where to expect you and how to behave around you. No more hiding in blind spots and time to breath in fresh air. Be courteous. Be safe. We're worried about you.

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Love, love ALL of this!! Son & his girlfriend both got hit by cars exactly to the date, one year apart! My son was doing delivery, in a crosswalk and a woman in a van blew thru a stale yellow light making a left turn and sent him flying! Broken collarbone & other injuries. Thanks to his dreads his head was surprisingly okay (was wearing a helmet but the strap broke)! His girlfriend was IN a bike lane, some guy w/wife and his two kids in the car turned left into a gas station, hit her, she flew, landed by the gas pumps! What did the driver do? Drove up next to her, looked out his car window, then drove up to the gas pump, got out, pumped gas, went into station to pay for the gas and didn't say one word to her!! Thanks to witnesses that called 911 he didn't get away and cops arrived within minutes! Her entire hand, bones and all was crushed with other injuries! Thank goodness they both are alive and much better! People, please watch out for BIKERS!! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!!
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