patch with image of a man and a car with the text "fuck cars"

Patch #160Literal Fuck Cars

A very important political message about the nature of our car-centric society. Our lives really do revolve around cars! Most don’t use it as a necessity but a form of status and boastfulness!I think I'm getting car sick! Pass the dramamine. NOTE: This is parody. I thought that was obvious. Perhaps not. This is supposed to be poking fun at the easily mis-interpretably nature of much radical prop.

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There is no implied violence or rape in this imagery. There is nothing to suggest that the sex depicted is anything short of consensual and joyous!


This patch is disgusting, and I'm sad Microcosm is distributing it. I don't care if you think it's parody, it's just another reminder of rape culture. I identify as a punk in part to get the fuck away from rape culture, and here it is in my community.

Damn straight I'd never hold hands with someone wearing this patch.


I think H is seriously misinterpreting what the artist intended. First of all, this is a joke, making fun of all the things that use the word 'fuck' that way by portraying it literally...

It's not supposed to be an image of some guy who hates cars fucking one because he hates it and wants to feel violent and dominant. It's an image of a guy having sex with a car and enjoying it, with a message encouraging others to do so as well. It's a joke. It's not a sex negative joke, either! If anything, it's the opposite of what H is describing! To the artist, be reassured that at least one person gets it. Sorry to ruin the joke by explaining it.


Why the hell are we still equating sex with violence, superiority, dominance, even in the context of speaking out? This is shit, it make my skin crawl. I want to stop using the word "fuck" now. Another instance of people using destructive patterns to further radical causes. I'd get really pissed off at anyone wearing this pitch. No, I would not fuck them.




i would make love in public to someone wearing this patch.


this is so gnarls. i would never ever ever hold hands with somebody who was wearing this patch. seriously.