Patch #008: Longhair on Bicycle

Patch #008Longhair on Bicycle

Celebrate freedom on your dutch-style upright citybike! Live free for cheap! Stay safe.


bobbob 1/28/2009

ok. homework assignment BAW. next time you're unsure of someone's gender (or sex, given that you fail to see the difference), go up to them and ask to see their genitals if it's so important to you. failing that, inspect their chromosomes. yeah, really basic.

BAW 8/4/2008

XX vs XY Even more basic.

greasy 7/25/2008

sociology classes are great for rich kids to feel good about themselves. do you think starving people, fighting for survival, trying to stay unraped and unkilled give a shit about womens rights issues. you're confusing what the world needs with what spoiled yuppie larvae need.

Neicie 5/2/2008

The comments on this site are so good. Always. <3

fembot 1/10/2008

you guys AND girls are so silly.

mr. tubmouth 12/24/2007

amen genderqueer. i think the world would be a better place if everyone took gender focusing sociology classes.

genderqueer 10/17/2007

Um. Dangly and nondangly bits, as you so eloquently call genitals, would be relevant if you were talking about sex and not gender. Gender is much more complex than what's between someone's legs.

BAW 8/15/2007

False division? It is pretty basic. What is the first question we ask about a newborn baby? Males have the dangly bits, females have the nondangly ones. Males make babies, females birth babies. That's pretty basic.

Matt 11/27/2006

"Gender is another false division of life into arbitrary categories - in order to define us against each other in the interests of power."

xonik 11/12/2006

i would say the point is NOT to gender the picture, calling the person male or female, because that's exclusive. some people don't fit into either side, what are they supposed to do? so this is just a person on a bike and that's why it's good.

anonameass 7/14/2006

Haha, I was actually going to comment on a t-shirt asking for something showing a "women's" bike. I'm a guy, but I don't want the "man bar" of a men's bicycle racking me if I hit my brakes to hard...

sidney 6/26/2006

what does that have to do with taking herself seriously, it's more about being a woman and being taken seriously... and being asked to be called a person not a woman, is not a joke. IT IS SERIOUS . most people in this society believe woman is less of a person. well , duh! =)

anonymous 5/7/2006

This person cannot be sexed. Take a good look and consider whether this silhouette shows any specific reproductive organs. Men wear long hair and can ride "Women's" bicycles, too.

nic 4/22/2006

Are you kidding? Gender the titles...take yourself less seriously.

anonymous 3/28/2006

I noticed that many of the patches you sell that picture a person wearing a dress, having breasts, or long hair has the word "woman" in the title. I was wondering if you wouldn't gender the titles.

blank 10/2/2005

Bad girl....she should wear a helmet!