Your car door is a deathtrap

Sticker #227Your car door is a deathtrap

by Jerry Business Author

Car doors are such a danger to cyclists! An older sticker but not an old issue. Bike safe, bike cautious. 

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black and red print on a white background. Depicts an image of a cyclist getting hit in the face by a car door, which has been opened by death himself. Reads: "your car door is a deathtrap" in bold all caps)

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7/4/2008 is finally back up. It's not quite fully functional yet, but getting there!


I'm working on getting back up. I know it's been a while. Life got in the way and I got attacked heavy with spam last time I had the site up. I'm working on an improved platform that will be more like a wiki. with any luck it will be back up around sept 2008.


I thought most people just ride a little further away from parked m.v.'s so this won't happen.


Yeah the site was messed up for the last few months.. ..I have it back up and running! Thanks for the heads up rollerbirdie!


Jerry: That URL forwards to a parked domain named CARDOORDEATHTRAP.COM for some reason.
Ride There.


Thanks for checking out the sticker! If you get a minute go to and read about cardoor accidents from around the globe...and if you have a story please send it to me and i'll post it up...ride smart!


Wow. My dad almost lost his leg because of a very similar incident to the one depicted in this sticker.