I don't need a war to power my bicycle

Sticker #240I Don't Need a War to Power My Bicycle

by Joe Biel Author

Whether they own up to it or not, the vast majority of the wars currently being fought by the US military are for oil. We believe that fuel should never be a good enough motivation for massacre. Go by bike!

Sturdy vinyl sticker with white print on a black background. Reads: "I don't need a war to power my bicycle" with an image of a crossed out missile on the left, and a person riding a bicycle on the right)

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I find it kinda ironic that these stickers, with their awesome, pro-bike, anti-car mesages are all printed in traditional BUMPER sticker sizes... How about some smaller ones for, I dunno, a BIKE?

Bug, you are a very funny smart ass. The stickers ARE BIKE SIZED. A bumper sticker is 9x3", these stickers are half that size.