Sticker #031: You Are Not Truly Alive

Sticker #031You Are Not Truly Alive

This is a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. I think you can find a lot more meaning in life if you are willing to lose it all for one thing.



    I have this on my guitar case! I love it.


    This is touchy. But my opinion is, in the big picture ... very few things are ACTUALLY worth dying for.


    Genderqueer kid,
    "willing to die for" something and "wants to die" for something are two totally different statements. Example, I don't want to die for my family but I am willing, that would not be foolish. Passion for something other than apathy is a good thing.


    This is my favorite quote of all time!


    For balance, it was from Catcher In The Rye, and went something like this... "the foolish [person] wants to die valiantly for a cause. The wise [person] wants to live humbly for one."


    One of my all-time favorite quotes. Nice to see it on a sticker!