Sticker 086 If Money Were No Object what would you do with your life

Sticker #086If Money Were No Object, What Would You Do With Your Life?

by Joe Biel Author

The root of all evil is deep and suffocating. If we lived in a world without money, we would be freer to spend our days following our passions. Instead, we waste our days behind computer screens, and in windowless offices just trying to make enough to pay our rent. 

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a white background. Reads: "If money was no object, what would you do with your life?"

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Because YOU don't like to do something, or think I have to live this way, means that NO ONE else can do it.So you don't have to be a ignorant jackass. I know people who lived with very little, and I mean little money, like 1,000 - 5,000 a year. I haven't slept in a "real bed" in years.


Emily stop eating mushrooms and acid...they are killing your parents did the same thing and I cut firewood for 16 years till I got a job and lived in a house with Central heat and air....where I could finally be warm during the winter and sleep in a real bed during the summer instaed of a pool of sweat!


Your ideas do sound great Emily. Unfortunately, living off the land is a very difficult thing to do. I know because I've done it. I still need money for chainsaw chains, truck parts, and gas money for getting to town in case I get hurt bad. But you can be very successful, and cut back alot on using money. If It were no object I'd go back to the woods.


Your thoughts there are wonderful, Emily, and when I can I'll live much like that. Money on a local scale is just a simplification of the barter system, isn't it? I know there are some nasty subtelties at the world bank levels, though I could definately use some more information here, but it looks as though if we were operating on a resource trading system that left money out altogether we'd still have the problem of lack of resources, and the worries bound up with this.


Mmm... sleeping in gypsy carts under the full moon. My dreams would be wonderfully intense. Direct contact with the night will do that to a person.
Your ideas sound great, Emily!


For such a long time I've fantasised about living "primitivly". I would like to barter again and trade. Money fucks people up. I see it in my family and families of my close friends. I would like to grow my own food and pasteurs. To travel in a non pollutant way to meet family or friends like walking or a gypsy cart. Seriously. People would be happier. The only responsibilities youd have would be yourself and family. No job. Only chores/ tasks required for living. You'd respect life and what you have; therefor=happiness. Too many people stress about fading into the cement of american alleys because there isnt enough money to go around. That fear leads to bad decisions, causing more problem. Like lying, stealing..murder. Jesus was a peaceful pauper. Why do we have to live up to some fucked up, win-win-for-them, win-lose-scrape-for-food-for-us world? Why do we have to be "sucsessful" in that way to be able to live or be accepted by society? Someone please explain this to me. Do I have any supporters? Come on...gypsy carts would be cozy..!


It's good to see a question instead of another accusation. Most stickers won't change anyone's mind. At least this gets 'em thinking.