Sticker 096 Wal Mart minimum wage for the whole community

Sticker #096Wal Mart

by Zack Hyde Author

 And even less for the world's sweatshop workers who supply their crap products! 

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$.02 and $0 aren't the only options! I would prefer that everyone get fair wages!


i worked for a walmart distribution warehouse for several moths, and i have NOTHING bad to say about the way they treat their employees. the enviroment is another story though


[le sigh]. would you all prefer that our foreign friends who make us cheep plastic crap make .02 cents or no cent$? sheesh. ;-P


The town next to mine has a walmat zeroing in on it.


Sadly true... WalMart usually sets wage standards in the area where they open. And they close dozens of local stores when they open. All with sweatshop labor. The one here even has a McDonalds in it..gotta love it.


Did you know that there is only one unionized wally world on earth?