Environmental stickers don't mean shit when they are stuck to cars

Sticker #103Environmental Stickers Don't Mean Shit

by Zack Hyde Author

The number of cars we see on Portland streets that have environmentalist stickers plastered across their bumpers is absurd. This one will make them think twice about their decisions. "Environmental stickers don't mean shit when they are stuck to cars"... mic drop.

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with white print on a black or pink background. Reads: "Environmental stickers don't mean shit when they are stuck to CARS!")

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I'm a stinkin' rich hippie teaching in the trenches of Philly and, while I bike to work and almost everywhere else, I do like to take my spoiled-rotten dogs to the woods. And I do like to visit my family. And--you'll love this--I drive a hybrid! I don't know how I live with myself. Forgive me, all of you martyrs out there!


I stuck this sticker on my car. I know.


Bikes can't get you anywhere when you're disabled. Embrace those who think along the same lines, don't hate because others have to make sacrifices.


i love this!


Too Jessica, the idea is that putting an environmental sticker on your car is meaningless because your car is part of the problem. Obviously some places don't have good or any public transport but then we have to rethink what we are doing and how we are doing it. Driving a car covered in eco stickers is hypocrisy so just take the stickers off and try to drive as little as possible and work to figure out how to stop commuting and doing all of that and become more green! Personally this is a really awesome sticker and it has helped me through some nasty car stickers (one of which had a sticker that said "real environmentalists vote democrat!", no joke, I nearly wanted to bang on the window and ask WTF?)


But I thought my hybrid was good for the earth, that is what Toyota told me why would they lie...kidding really great sticker I love it!


Good one. I take it as slamming cars more than the people who display environmental stickers on them.


I think statements like these are unfair. Not all people are capable of commuting by bike. Also, aside from urban areas, very few places have public transport.


Can't wait to rock this on my bike next to all those rich "hippies" who think they're saving the world with the bumper stickers on the cars daddy bought them. I don't think they'll get it.


Thank you!!!


This Sticker is the shit!!