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Biff Boff Bam Sock Issue 9: Know Your Vote

by Anna Jo Beck Author

As the title suggests, you'll get that down-low you needed to understand how to vote. Learn how to get your vote out there—this zine covers everything from registering to vote to actually voting, plus tips on how to research the candidates and find out what decisions they've made in the past on issues that matter to you. Also includes some guidelines to contacting the candidates and your elected officials.

NOW MORE THAN EVER. This useful zine is perfect for parents to give to their older teens, for friends & family to give to new citizens, for everyone who wants to engage themselves and others. Local down-ballot races determine your quality of life way more than the presidency. So many of these local positions are decided by a handful of votes. Get informed, share your views, and make an impact! 

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Well-written, well-designed, informative and POWERFUL. Buy 2 and donate one to the library at your local high school!