Excuse Me, Can You Please Pass the Privilege? zine

Excuse Me, Can You Please Pass the Privilege? zine

by Joshua Kahn Russell Author

An examination of the concepts of privilege as seen by Josh, someone perceived as a straight, middle class, white male. It talks about Josh's attempts to deconstruct and understand privilege in his life and society and ends with some things to think about and ways to address it as someone in a position of power.

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This zine is *amazing* Props to Josh for being self-effacing enough to consider his own privilage as a (primarily) straight, white guy, and how it affects others. Gives me hope. :)


So i made this zine from a journal entry that is now about two years old. it wasnt intended to be the interrogation of power and opression that a lot of people seem to describe it as, just a few thoughts on growing up with privilege. on one hand i think this zine is really inadequate if you are looking for a serious analysis of this kinda stuff, but on the other i think its a great introduction to the topic. either way, if you do get it and read it, write me a letter and i'll send you another zine that im working on that examines this kind of thing with a lot more complexity. - xo, josh