a bicycle.

Go By Bicycle #3

by Scott Larkin Author

Scott writes a smart, engaging zine about bicycle advocacy, bike culture, public transit issues, and the darkside of car culture. He has a positive, upbeat, yet realistic attitude about showing people the value of riding bicycles and using alternative transit. This issue talks about how cities are built around car culture, information about oil shortages/car inferiority, and local public transit issues affecting us in Portland. Cover by Juliette Torrez.

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Comments & Reviews


"All I can say is that we were totally stoked! Everyone loves stickers and I love reading, so it's always good to get a 'zine in the mail. The one thing I noticed is that it's formatted really well. Normally I go for the punk rock cut and paste, but this clean look really worked. There are plenty of contributors from the bicycle community that all write clearly and convey their message on point. There was an excerpt from Dan W.'s 'Life in the Bike Lane ' which inspired me to dig that issue back out and read it again. Back to 'go by bicycle' though; you'll find random observations from the news, critical mass conversations that made me laugh out loud, growing bike culture info from the Portland area, heartwarming commuter stories and pro-bike comics. I give this two bike thumbs up, if I had three hands I'd give it three thumbs up.


One of the sections makes a good point about when that guy got a permit for CM. All he wanted to do was make things better- "He did what he wanted. That's what Critical Mass is all about."