an illustration of a bird wearing a mask and holding a ribbon with the title text on it

It's Going to be Anarchy: Anarchist Analyses of the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Jim Donaghey Author

An overview of anarchist responses to the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, written between late March and early April, 2020. "Anarchy" is a word often used to express a state of panic and social disarray, but anarchists themselves are responding by organizing mutual aid for their communities, preaching social solidarity, and standing up to governments' and corporations' authoritarian power grabs under cover of quarantine. And because they're anarchists, they're arguing a lot, passionately, about topics like freedom in the face of state-mandated lockdowns, the right to work vs the right to strike, and to what extent to seize this opportunity to push for revolution. Jim Donaghey has compiled all the arguments he could find, fairly and compellingly, a slice of life in a movement at a pivotal moment. Like any good anarchist zine, this one is packed with sources and interesting footnotes.