Stoked on Spokes zine cover

Stoked on Spokes: A Community Cycling Resource Guide

by Juls Generic Author

Juls created this zine as a response to the conundrum of "how do we accommodate to Americans commuting habits?" It has been said that if oil production was converted to bio diesel production it would still not be plausible to produce enough fuel for the amount that Americans drive. This zine is a collection of articles from people in struggle to use the bicycle as their form of transportation. We learn about the history of the bicycle, see some great clip art, how to fix a flat, some safety tips, how to tour on your bike, starting a critical mass ride, and more! A great motivational and educational piece.

Comments & Reviews


Great little zine but unfortunately several of the articles are frustratingly unreadable because of white on a black background and severe ink smudge from the photocopier. A shame but still a lot to enjoy here and it is only a buck so churlish to complain.


this zine is a fairly quick read (considering its 50-odd pages) but still an awesome compilation of bike-related tips, hystory, personal accounts and culture. i feel like this is a good intro for people like myself who are curious about how rad bikes are and want to see what sort of impact they can have on our lives.