About My Disappearance #1

About My Disappearance #1

by Dave Roche Author

For years, Dave Roche seemed invincible. He survived on a strict diet of free bread and vegan ice cream from fake coupons. After awhile his health caught up with him though. This zine is about his onset and diagnosis with Crohn's Disease and how it has since affected his life. A powerful document to make us all feel mortal and understand that serious health problems can already be happening in our lives.

Comments & Reviews


This Zine probably made my week and then some, for all of you out there also battling Crohns [such as myself] this is a great greatttttttt MUST read. I love Dave's writing style, sure zine to keep your attention, even if you don't battle with the disease or have no prior knowledge of it.


Dave is definately not throwing a pity party. This zine is in no way a suffering cliche. It's an honest account of a young man, whose life changes drastically in a matter of months, the shame of his disgusting disease, the people who helped him despite his denial, and the strength he discovered within himself. It was sometimes really hard to keep reading, because of the intense graphic honesty about the disease. I finished it.


As a punk suffering from crohn's as well, I am super excited to read this zine!!


This zine is such a great story as to the writers experience of the disease personally, as well as a nicely researched piece. Moreover, it's inspiring for anyone suffering from any condition or illness, and I am glad that Dave Roche created it. Thanks.

Dave is well known in the zine world for his excellent zine On Subbing, which detailed his experiences as a substitute Education Assistant in Portland, Oregon. However, after a few years of cranking out issues of On Subbing, and then having a book collection of them published, Dave dropped off the zine radar for a while. This zine here details the reasons why. It turns out that Dave has Crohn’s Disease, and he went through quite a harrowing experience discovering this. Crohn’s is a chronic digestive disorder that can be very painful and unpleasant to live with, especially in the beginning before any medication has begun to provide relief. In all of his writing, Dave has a knack for being both poignant and humorous almost simultaneously. This is no easy feat, and especially so when describing the living hell leading up to his Crohn’s diagnosis. But Dave pulls it off effortlessly, putting the very personal in a context from which we can all learn something. Simply put, this is an amazing zine.