a teacher stands at a desk, reading from a book

$20 Superpack: Teacher power-up

by Kaycee Eckhardt Author, Anne Elizabeth Moore Author, Dave Roche Author and Super Pack! Author

Got a teacher in your life? Do they love their job and know its value, but always seem to be verging on overwhelmed, overworked, and just plain worn out? This power pack of teaching stories is just the thing to ease their test-score-troubled souls, put all the classroom antics in perspective, and remind them why they liked their job to begin with—and that they're not alone out there. Katrina's Sandcastles captures the urgent need and the fierce passion behind the complicated tides of education politics. New Girl Law proposes an entirely different model of teaching, and seeing the world, set in a women's college dormitory in Cambodia. And last but not least, On Subbing is a classic, funny, gem about just what the title says.