Dvorak zine cover

The Dvorak Zine: Changing the World One Keyboard at a Time

by Alec Longstreth Author

Have you ever wondered about the placement and composition of the keys on your keyboard? Is it random? Is there a pattern? Is there even logic to it? Alec and company did their homework and discovered that the placement of keys was not meant for speed or accuracy but rather determined when certain typewriter keys needed more space between them so the strikes would not get stuck on each other! When more advanced and ergonomic keyboard designs were created they were ignored and QWERTY continued to rule the school. This is a comic guide to the future of keyboarding - the DVORAK style! With keys placed for maximum speed and accuracy (and way better comfort and ergonomics), this zine is truly a kind of activism that everyone who uses a computer should get behind!

Comments & Reviews


I absolutely love this zine and can't bare to part with it! The comic book form makes it an easy read and it's definitely made me want to give up qwerty and bring on the dvorak... maybe when i've got a bit more free time though!


I really enjoyed this...Informative/nerdy/funny.


Sounds like an interesting read for a very uninvestigated subject. The Dvorak keyboard is the ergonomic placement of the keyboard.