Likes / Dislikes #1

Likes / Dislikes #1

by Lacey Prpic Hedtke Author

A great little slice of personality from Lacey's via her extensive lists of likes and dislikes. Some highlights include: Likes: "The thought that Aliens and Humans might someday become one." "What Illegal things arose out of prohibition" "talking about conspiracies"Dislikes: "Having to break into a place you have the key to." "Realizing you like your boyfriend's friends more than you like him" "Playing with silly putty after someone with warts" "Undressing a man only to find he has creepy underwear"With things like this, we get a gradual growing depth into what Lacey is all about and even her seeming contradictions. We smile at shared feeling and cringe at a horrible experience we haven't yet lived through.

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This zine is adorable in that its simply a list of likes and dislikes - yet I'd be hard-pressed to come up with as many as this author has!


This is a list zine. I love list zines. I don't know of very many of them but I am always excited to get a new one. This one is done by a girl named Lacey. It is a very interesting list. My favorite part of it is that you feel like you are really getting to know the person deeply without really knowing anything anything about her at all. Brilliant. She should get some kind of award. I just wish she had not folded the paper the long way.