Please Release

Please Release

by Nate Powell

New comics from Nate! In Please Release, Nate examines his job working with developmentally disabled adults, in a touching, non-clinical way. It's not technical, but tangible. As always, he links his personal life to the punk subculture that's shaped him. Scenes of sing-a-longs give way to a desire for something...more? These are stories of growing up, and finding meaning. The highlight of the collection being a short comic detailing his weekend stint leading workshops on comics for six to fourteen year olds in the Gainesville Public Library. My favorite panel depicts a little boy holding up a picture he's drawn of a monster. The boy's word bubble reads, "It's actually a cyborg with a hydra inside it's mouth." Priceless. That's what Nate does best; capture people in their most human moments. Here he succeeds, yet again.


Top Shelf

"...this is Nate Powell's most direct and concrete work to date -- guaranteed to engage your brain and dazzle your senses."