Semi-Socialism zine cover

Semi-Socialism: An Alternative Government and Economic System

by Keith B. Anderson Author

The hybrid merging of capitalism and communism into a more balanced structural order. While it can read like a refrigerator manual written by a political science major without any experience in government at times, it gives the reader a springboard to think critically about what they agree and disagree with, rather than a guide from an expert. We've always approached our own discourse as assuming that our audience is smart enough to think critically when they read, to take which concepts apply to them and to use the ones they disagree with as an opportunity to think critically and focus their thoughts about how they feel about something. Similarly, we don’t assume that any book is for “all” people; they each speak to different experiences. This zine is a great demonstration of so much about politics: there are rarely simple, clear answers but often reading another person's ideas helps you to manifest your own views about the role that the government should have in gambling or abortion or infrastructure!