A fancy-looking, future-predicting cat looks over a globe on this zine cover. It looks reminiscent of the national enquirer and publications of the like

Xerography Debt #32

by Davida G. Breier Author

Since 1999, Davida Gypsy Breier's review zine, Xerography Debt might be best summarized as an obsession for all involved. Now maintaining three issues per year, the 32nd issue of Xerography Debt is still "the review zine with personal tendencies," allowing its hand-picked cast of contributors to essay both the zines they love and where those zines find them in their lives. Joe Biel reports on the how the Dinner + Bikes tour has opened up zines to new audiences. Our editor Davida explains to her son that while his father's friends are from college, hers are from zines. Al Burian ruminates on Peaches support of Pussy Riot and compares his own appreciation for Megadeth—despite their politics—to Paul Ryan's peculiar endorsement of Rage Against the Machine. And let us not forget the large volume of zine reviews in here. Rather than spending time and ink bashing things or being forced to write about something they don't care about, the reviewers hand-select what they want to write about the result is much more interesting. In an age of blogs and tweets, Xerography Debt is a beautiful, earnest anachronism, a publication that seems to come from a different era, but is firmly entrenched in the now. And they want to review your zines in future issues: Davida Gypsy Breier / PO Box 347, Glen Arm, MD 21057

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