a photo of a girl with purple and blonde hair playing the guitar while a guy in a white t-shirt and a ski mask leans against her back, also playing the guitar

Razorblades and Aspirin #15

by Michael Thorn Author

In the fifteenth edition of Razorblades and Aspirin, discover another trove of stunning full color photography depicting some extremely rockin' punk shows and musicians alongside more of the interviews with upcoming artists that you've come to love. This edition includes chats with Spiritual Cramp, Gel, Vidro, Gag, Destruct, Cancer Christ, Tozcos, Yambag, Keith Marlowe, Linda Aronow, and Piotr Królikiewicz. And best of all, this issue also includes an interview with actress Brooke Smith - who you may recognize from Silence of the Lambs or Grey's Anatomy - wherein she discusses her days as a Warzone Woman, prowling Manhattan's Lower East Side and hanging out with punk rockers of days gone by.