an illustration of a dismembered brain with a dismembered hand patting it and two eyeballs on their stalks beneath it, and another dismembered hand which appears to have just dropped a pencil

Carpal Tunnel Headache (Out of Print)

by Everett Gee Author

Music fans, zine fans, and comic art fans of all stripes will get a huge kick out of this zine. Author and illustrator Everett Gee has compiled here every flier they made between 2010 and 2022. Whether for a zine show, a punk show, or another kind of gathering, these fliers pulse with a sinister punk and dirtbag aesthetic. Dismembered limbs, eyeballs popping out of their sockets, hairy and fleshy monsters, genitals, piss, shit, and all the rest dot every page of this zine. Deliciously disturbed, readers will revel in the fantastically fucked up art Gee has created. Grab a copy today!