The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #1

The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #1

by Abner Smith Author

New, updated version with TONS of new information including the trial of 2000 where James Earl Ray was found innocent! Abner wrote this booklet/zine about the involvement of the CIA and FBI in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. It also talks about tons of disregarded evidence, discredited witnesses, and the dismissal of any testimony that disagrees with the official one - that James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King alone. Artwork by Keith Rosson and Sarah Oleksyk. Dosen't it resemble a Jack Chic pamphlet? Photocopyable version available as well at request; Copyleft. You can also download the text. Read an Interview with William Pepper about MLK's assassination.

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Comments & Reviews

This zine takes an objective look at Martin Luther King Jr.?s death, suggesting his assassination is linked to the CIA and FBI. This zine is very engaging and hard to put down. Rather than just asking questions without any support the writer uses logic, facts and sometimes evidence to support the ideas. When presented with this kind of concrete information it is difficult to marginalize the writer as being a ?conspiracy theorist.? Good title, good zine.

This intelligent and interesting pamphlet tells a complete and compelling story about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. In depth coverage of the various players, facts, and theories gives a nice weight to this read. Plus, it is written in a reader-friendly style that allows you to soak up all of the information without felling lectured. I'm looking forward to the continuation of the series.

The first issue of this zine deals with possible conspiracy in the Martin Luther King, Jr. murder. While not to be mistaken as your average conspiracy theory, this zine takes an unbiased "here are the facts -- you be the judge" perspective, which I believe helps the credibility of the zine. Not only does the zine present a different outlook on the assassination of Dr. King, it also begs the reader to seek out information about our government, rather than take what you read in school textbooks and hear in the media for granted.

When I first started reading this zine I didn't know what to expect. [it] specifically says, "My only hope is that this wont read like a college term paper..." and it definitely doesn't. It blew me away. This zine is all about the theories behind the death of Martin Luther King Jr. It is the first in a series of zines about the involvement of the CIA and FBI in domestic affairs and assassinations. This type of zine is something I have never seen before and I am so anxious for the next of its kind.

This is not like reading a stuffy "conspiracy theory" book, though the subject matter is the same, and that's part of what i love about it. i find this subject fascinating & reading it in zine format makes it even more enjoyable.

At a time in history when singular-thought propaganda is more and more impossible to escape, alternative forms of media are more important than ever. Now, don't get me wrong. I love per-zines. But, zines like this one are an essential attempt at keeping the people educated. This zine is by Abner, and is printed and distributed through Microcosm Publishing. This debut issue is about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. It goes over some of the case's fairly basic details, which somehow were not noticed by "officials" when the case was being worked on. Talks a lot about James Earl Ray, and gives lots of information on him that I didn't know before. Very interesting zine, very informative. It's on newsprint, a little over quarter size, and 20 pages long.